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Microlearning application for Bombardier

When implementing new advanced software systems, it is important for any business to have the employees onboard for the journey. World-leading Bombardier Transportation was due to deploy a new train control system for a customer. To help them get started on their journey towards change, Aleido has developed a mobile app for microlearning.

For Bombardier’s customer, the learning journey started long before the implementation of the new system. The microlearning app that Aleido developed was the first step towards helping the Bombardier employees prepare for the upcoming change.

In the end it’s about building trust and creating an understanding of the pros with the new system. It’s also about involving people, involvement makes them want to learn.

Erik Baljeu, Manager Training at Aleido


The team at Aleido focused on the end users in order to create the best learning conditions for operators, technicians and other personnel. Through a solution fully adapted to the target group’s needs and behaviors, Aleido provided Bombardier and its customer with a smooth and effortless transition.

When it comes to successful rollouts of new advanced systems, putting the human perspective in the center is key.

Peter Feltenmark, Traffic Management System Manager at Bombardier


The microlearning app provided the users with support prior to, during and after the implementation of the new train control system. With small pieces of information presented at just the right time, everyone could take part in the training when it suited them best.

“The app regularly presents small pieces of information that the users can study whenever it fits their schedule. It’s a way to create involvement and engage the user, which in turn creates a positive learning environment and enables change”, says Erik Baljeu.

Every piece of information is aimed to prepare the user for the next step in the implementation by providing background information, rationales and objectives. Towards the end, they were invited to more advanced e-learnings and classroom courses. Even so, the idea of microlearning and the app live on. Both review and further continuous training for the new control system take place in the app.

“With the app, we can communicate directly to the target group. New or additional information can be rolled out quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous learning, system support, and optimal usage”, says Erik Baljeu.



This app can easily be customized by the Aleido team to meet the needs of other companies or organizations.

For example, salespeople can learn more about the products they sell, or mechanics can access specific tutorials, mobile in the middle of the workshop floor. Aleido uses the same solution for several different customers to support, for example, the introductory training of new employees, or buyers of a customer’s products. In such cases, these target groups can be reached before the first day at work, or while waiting for the delivery of the newly purchased product.

Digital microlearning is all about getting information in small, easily digestible pieces right at the moment you need it. For that, mobile solutions are perfect.

Erik Baljeu, Manager Training at Aleido


Aleido has extensive experience in developing digital learning solutions within different kinds of industries. Every business and target group is unique. E-learning allows flexible solutions that suit the user’s needs and meet the customer’s expectations.

Aleido’s delivery:

  • Learning Design based on the target group’s learning journey
  • Bombardier branded mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Responsive web portal for app content and e-learnings
  • Filtering of content for target group specific deliveries
  • Administrative interface to handle users and microlearning blocks
  • Hosting and release handling


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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning