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Animations that evolve with your company

Autonomous solutions company Yeti Move were looking for an animation to not only support sales, but to help improve the understanding of their offering to potential investors – both financial and technology partners. Aleido’s animation team met the demands with an animation of the company’s autonomous vehicles in action that is adaptable to changes in the company.

As part of the brief, Yeti Move wanted the animation to be adaptable to new industry sectors in case they would decide to expand and focus on new areas in the future. Thanks to a modular approach, sections of the animation can be moved and details can be added, allowing the animation to evolve with the company.

Having the possibility to adapt and re-use content like this is without doubt on the rise. It was just what this customer needed as it provides many different opportunities going forward.

Lee Thornett, Programme Manager-Technical Solutions at Aleido

The project involved a small team in the UK who took ownership of the project and worked closely with Yeti Move to create storyboards, created the animation and applied all post-production. The total turnaround time for the project was three months, with a total of around 250 hours work across all roles.

By starting with a visual storyboard, Yeti Move could see everything that was going to be created – before animating anything in 3D. While the Aleido team guided Yeti Move through the process, Yeti Move shared their existing sales and marketing material and involved the right stakeholders to give input throughout the project. Everything you can see in the animation has been created in the project, including all models, either by modelling from scratch or in some cases by adapting purchased CAD models to suit the required output.

We appreciate Aleido’s cooperative and solutions-oriented attitude. They have been very flexible and attentive to our wishes and we are pleased with the good and professional result – which has already been put to use.

Bjørn Tore Orvik, CEO Yeti Move


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