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Collaborating across borders

Marcell Pirisi works as a Solution Manager and has been with Aleido since 2017, working in Hungary at our Budapest office. In April 2023 he moved to Stockholm, and continues to work for the same customer and mostly with the same colleagues. This is his journey that lead him to working for Aleido Sweden.

My desire to live in Sweden dates to January 2013, when I first visited the country. It was cold, windy, there was snow and ice everywhere, but I remember how much I enjoyed the calm characteristics of both Göteborg and the Swedish people. Everything and everyone seemed so relaxed, and felt in harmony. Coming from one of the busiest cities and country of Central-Europe, Sweden offers something that I could hardly experience back home: calmness and quietness.

Don't get me wrong: I love my country; I love my people and I'm proud of my Hungarian nationality and background. However, moving abroad, and experiencing a different culture, a different country, a new way of living has been on my radar for a very long time, and I really appreciate the flexibility and the willingness of Aleido in helping me making it happen in April 2023.

Collaborating openly

I work for one of our largest customers in a multisite setup and I've always liked how we operate in multiple places like Budapest, Stockholm, and China. Collaborating with teammates from different backgrounds helps us find unique solutions to our customers' challenges. I think there are a lot more similarities than differences when it comes to work culture across different sites within Aleido. I feel that both Aleido Hungary and Aleido Sweden incorporated our company values into their daily operations very well.

When I was Team Manager in Budapest, I had the opportunity to learn both from my fellow Hungarian leaders and from leaders in Sweden. Now I work as a solution manager for the same project where I started, when I joined Aleido in 2017, but in Sweden. The assignment started 7 years ago and I’m extremely proud of it: the history, our journey together, and the people working in it. We are almost 90 people in Stockholm, Budapest, and China, which gives us the potential to continuously align our operations to our own business needs and to our customers' expectations.

In every role I’ve undertaken in the assignment, my main objective has been to contribute to making the right decisions, and to support people in growing into professional roles that would fulfill them, and to create value for our customer as well.

"But if I had to use one word to describe what I do, I'd say that my job is "consulting". A huge surprise! But that’s what I mostly do: I consult with my assignment manager, our experts in Stockholm, our seniors in Budapest, my colleagues in the core team, and various members of the huge customer organisation"

Consulting across borders

Currently, my role is built up by a mix of responsibilities. First, as project manager, I am to support our team here in Stockholm: together we are finding opportunities to grow the assignment and to continuously improve our operations. I am also working closely with our customer, I spend a lot of time at their local site consulting with my peers, participating in the discussions of various boards, to analyze what priorities the customer have now, and to anticipate what might come. Then I feed this information and the knowledge I gather back to our assignment core team, so that we can make the best and the most educated decisions together. Finally, I am also involved in the preparation and the driving of various improvement projects.

But if I had to use one word to describe what I do, I'd say that my job is "consulting". A huge surprise! But that’s what I mostly do: I consult with my assignment manager, our experts in Stockholm, our seniors in Budapest, my colleagues in the core team, and various members of the huge customer organisation.

And what I enjoy mostly about it? It’s simple: the doing part! As someone who once worked as a journalist, I revel in seeking and gathering information, then make an analysis, and then making or contributing to a decision. And then repeat. I love it!

Staying connected to home

I feel that today it is easier to stay connected to the home country. When I told my grandmother that I'd be moving to Sweden, I was sure to point out the fact to her that in 1956, when she moved to Budapest from the small village she was born in, it would've taken her 6-8 hours by train and by bus to visit her parents in the village. Now it takes the same time to visit Budapest from Stockholm.

To stay connected, I still read the Hungarian news, I still watch the games of our national football league and I make sure that I always have some Hungarian paprika and vine in my kitchen when cooking my favorite dishes. There is a Hungarian groceries store close to where I live which adds to the feeling that the world is shrinking.


Name: Marcell Pirisi
Title: Solutions Manager within Aftermarket Information
Education: University
Worked at Aleido since: 2017
What kind of possibilitarian are you: My goal is to empower others to achieve success together.

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