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Flexibility gives a great work-life balance

“You can say that I have myself a year ago as a customer.” Johan Wotelius previously worked as an automotive technician, but now he is instead the one who creates information for automotive technicians. As a diagnostics engineer at Aleido Aftermaret Information, he helps develop troubleshooting methods to reduce the time spent by automotive technicians on troubleshooting, resulting in lower warranty costs for the customer. In his Aleido voice, Johan shares what life as a consultant can look like.

As an automotive technician for a global automotive manufacturer, I gained hands-on experience working with repairs, troubleshooting and software downloads for both aftermarket and development workshops. But after eleven years as an automotive technician, I felt that I wanted to do something else to continue developing and take the next step in my career. From the first contact, I felt that Aleido is an interesting place to work. There was no hesitation when I got the chance to become a diagnostics engineer here.

“Since I have a family, it is incredibly important to me that work and family life comes together, especially with all the various unforeseeable events family life entails. My experience is that the flexibility we have really makes life easier.”

Johan Wotelius, Diagnostics engineer

Dipping the toes into other industries

Working as a consultant is new to me. Since I have cutting-edge expertise in the automotive industry, it is mainly with automotive customers that I work now. But in the future, I can imagine dipping my toes into other industries. Aleido feels like a good workplace to be able to take that next step. Now I get more experience and the opportunity to continue developing, both as a person and in my professional life.

I think that being a consultant in a way is being an ambassador for my company. It is important to me to build good relationships, both with our customers and within the organisation. For the customers, I make sure to be positive and come up with suggestions for improvements. To be the driving force that makes things happen. To thrive in the consultant role, I think it is good if you are open to new opportunities. The assignment can change and that’s a bit of the charm of that, I think. That everything is not completely set in stone forever. If you take the chance, there are many opportunities to learn new things and develop.


The importance of understanding each other

My immediate managed cares about my professional development and that I enjoy my work. She encourages me to seek out what I am interested in and want to develop within. I also feel that there are different career paths within Product Information, depending on what you are interested in.

Working for a global organisation comes with benefits and challenges. A challenge is of course that it is extra important to make sure that we all understand each other, beyond language confusion and possible cultural differences. But I’ve also made connections that otherwise might not have been possible. For example, I have become good friends with a colleague in China. It has given me a greater understanding of what it is like to live and work there.

After working at Aleido for one year, my impression is very positive. The colleagues are very nice and there is an openness in the organisation. As a consultant, I get a lot of flexibility. Since I have a family, it is incredibly important to me that work and family life comes together, especially with all the various unforeseeable events family life entails. My experience is that the flexibility we have really makes life easier. I can do a good job and have time to pick up or drop off the kids. The work-life balance is great, quite simply.


Name: Johan Wotelius
Title: Diagnostics engineer
Education: Automotive engineering education, high school level
Worked at Aleido since: August 2022
I have the most fun at work when I: get to meet my wonderful colleagues and when there is an activity or competition at the office

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