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The fundamentals

Simple or complex, big budget or economy, all our bespoke e-learning is built upon the same solid foundation.

Whatever your constraints, be they financial or time-related, by choosing to work with Aleido, you can be sure your e-learning will be:

  • Brand compliant, accurately reflecting your visual identity, values and tone of voice
  • Well written, concise and inclusive
  • Clearly focussed on your purpose, aims and objectives
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Relevant and authentic
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Technically robust and accessible

But the magic doesn’t just happen. The design and development of high-quality bespoke e-learning requires a robust process and thorough project management, combined with a team of highly creative and experienced design professionals with an impressive set of tools at their disposal.

Our process

Based on a pragmatic interpretation of the ADDIE methodology, our design and development approach is consultative and collaborative.

It’s designed to ensure we meet your requirements and expectations in full, with integrated QA and testing processes which safeguard against any nasty surprises along the way.

It’s a phased and gated process, but we’re happy to flex and adapt our approach to accommodate your preferred working practices.



Our parent company structure gives us access to over 120 creative specialists, meaning we have the strength and depth to deliver your project on time and within budget.

We take project management seriously and always allocate a dedicated project manager for every assignment we undertake – irrespective of size or scope. Our project managers are highly competent with a minimum of five years’ experience of managing bespoke learning projects.

Our solutions consultants can help you with the big picture. They get to understand your needs and thoroughly clarify your aims and objectives to define what success looks like. They work with you to identify pain points and design a high-level structure for your solution, working with you to explore solution types, formats, techniques and media, whilst at the same time taking full account of your constraints like budget and timelines.

Our learning designers build upon the high-level design to create detailed storyboards. Working with your subject matter experts and source materials provided, the learning designer’s job is to maintain accuracy of content whilst at the same time maximise interactivity and engagement within the bounds of your chosen design approach.

Whatever your budget and chosen solution type, our team of highly creative graphic artists, animators and 3D specialists can ensure your brand is reflected accurately and your content is presented beautifully using bespoke graphics, infographics and iconography, high-quality photography, animations, video and photorealistic 3D modelling.

Our e-learning developers are highly skilled and experienced in the use of a wide range of e-learning development tools. We also have programmers that can create custom components or build content from the ground up, meaning we can meet the most demanding intricate challenges in terms of complex or sophisticated functionality, interactivity or virtual environments.

Each phase of our process has an associated QA gate. We review our work for accuracy, instructional design, inclusiveness, creativity and innovation, and technical compliance. All QA and technical testing activity is undertaken by team members who are independent from the those in the design and development team.


The depth and breadth of our capability and experience enables us to recommend the most appropriate technical solution to meet your specific requirements – no matter how demanding.

We have in-house capability and experience in the use of a wide range of e-learning development tools, including the most popular applications – Articulate 360 Storyline, Articulate 360 Rise, Adapt, Evolve, Adobe Captivate, Visual Studio Code, Gomo, iSpring, EasyGenerator, Elucidat and others. We can also create custom content using our own HTML5 framework and publish to a range of standards including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI and AICC.

Our media experts use a wide range of industry standard software and tools to create, edit and manipulate bespoke audio and visual assets of the highest quality.

Our bespoke e-learning is accessed in over 150 countries and to date, we have translated into 35 languages. However, localisation is not always just about translation. Our work with global organisations means we have extensive experience of adapting our content to reflect local variations in terms of culture, working processes and practices, and legislation, for example.

We have a thorough understanding of accessibility and have extensive experience of creating fully accessible content, particularly for organisations in the public sector who have stringent requirements in this regard. This means we’re able to provide pragmatic advice depending on the balance of your priorities.

We use artificial intelligence where it makes sense in terms of getting the balance right between quality and budget. For example, the highest quality audio narration will feature one or more professional (human) voices, recorded and edited in a professional recording studio. However, the quality of computer-generated voices is improving all the time and for some customers, AI produces an output that meets their needs perfectly well. Similarly with translation - where 100% accuracy and quality is a must-have priority, we’ll recommend the use of human translators and a full linguistic review by a native speaker, but again for some customers, AI translation is capable of providing the results they need.


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Andy Wiles

Head of Sales

Aleido Learning UK