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Maximise take up and engagement by selecting the most effective format for your e-learning content.


The principal benefit of a responsive solution is that it is designed specifically for multi-device access, meaning that it functions equally well on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. We use a responsive development framework to create an HTML5 output that responds and reformats the content dynamically so that it displays in the most effective way, depending on the device and screen size. This dynamic responsiveness is often referred to as ‘stacking’, with content being presented in blocks and columns, according to the screen size and orientation.

Responsive e-learning solutions ‘feel’ like a modern responsive website, and moving around involves deep-scrolling as opposed to the screen-to-screen navigation associated with more conventional e-learning.

This mirrors application design on mobile devices, where users are accustomed to scrolling up and down and returning to their home screen to move to a different application or main menu.


This is an HTML5 output that is scalable, meaning that content viewed on a small screen is identical to that viewed on a large screen, only smaller. Although not responsive, a scalable solution can be accessed and works well on mobile devices with larger screens, such as tablets and many of the more modern smartphones, which have larger, high-resolution screens. The interface can be fully customised according to your requirements, allowing for strong branding and engaging, multi-layered graphics. Screen designs can be fully bespoke rather than templated, and a wide range of interactions and activities can be incorporated.

We can also introduce movement to the content, with dynamic and elegant transitions between on-screen components and animation of text and graphical elements. Such movement has aesthetic value and helps to create a visually more engaging experience.


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