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Digital training a success factor for Espresso House

For the fast-growing Nordic coffee shop chain Espresso House, good introductory and further training is a crucial success factor. With the help of Aleido Learning, the company has gone from traditional classroom teaching to being able to create, distribute and follow up modern digital training.

Espresso House runs almost 500 coffee shops in the Nordic countries and Germany and the chain has about 5,000 employees. For most of them, a job at Espresso House is their first step into the job market.

With an average age of 22 years for café staff and 27 for managers, it is important for the company to be able to offer new employees the latest in introductory and further trainings. The company has now made a major shift when it comes to training its employees.

Our vision is to offer “The world's best coffee experience to the world's best guest”. The learning platform Totara Learn has enabled us to reach all our employees in an efficient way, from Tromsö in Norway to Munich in Germany – giving our employees the best training conditions in order to be able to live up to our vision.

Jonas Krantz, Training Manager Espresso House Sweden

Customised digital education

With the help of the learning platform Totara Learn, Aleido Learning has changed the user experience as the needs of Espresso House have grown and the requirements from the organisation have changed. Since Espresso House is sensitive to how the target group absorbs and interacts with content, integrations between different solutions have been implemented. This provides an “ecosystem for learning” in the form of e-learning, mobile games (gamification) and video. With different channels and formats, Espresso House ensures that employees retain their interest during training. Users can also easily come back after completing their training, search for and rehearse knowledge.

Focus on developing your business

At Aleido Learning we can help you to create modern training solutions yourself, solutions that suit your specific target groups. So that you can focus on developing the business and at the same time give your employees the support needed to succeed on the job. We can help with everything from support for user-generated content recommended by a colleague to creating sharp introductory programs for new employees in your organisation.

With digital training solutions, the employees at Espresso House now have access to customised learning journeys, based on their role in the company. The managers also get a simple overview of how they stand against their key figures for training.

Anders Jonasson, Manager at Aleido Learning

Our delivery includes

  • Project management
  • UX design
  • Front end development
  • Pedagogical advise
  • Expertise in authoring tools


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