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This survey is performed by Aleido. Data collection is done by a third party (Quicksearch Sweden AB, below “Quicksearch”) to whom your contact information has been provided by Aleido.

Quicksearch processes your personal information on behalf of Aleido and thus as an authorized partner to Aleido. Such processing is in accordance with applicable Data Protection Legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Quicksearch and Aleido process your personal information in order to monitor your customer experience, to analyze and improve the quality of Aleido's deliveries, as well as for the purpose of Aleido to ensure that its current agreement with the company that you represent is met. Based on your survey response Aleido may contact you for follow up purposes.

All information given by you when answering the questions is treated confidentially by Aleido and Quicksearch. Your personal data will be saved by Aleido, through the service provider Quicksearch, for the above purposes for 18 months. Thereafter they will be automatically deleted from Quicksearch and anonymized by Aleido.

Aleido and Quicksearch do not share your data with any third party and the information that you provide is only used for the above purposes. For more information about how Aleido processes your information, visit Aleido Data Privacy Policy

The policy that applies to your business depends on which Aleido company you have a business relationship with and in which country that the company is based.