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New succesful digital learning with Lynk & Co

In 2019, Aleido Learning supported mobility company Lynk & Co with a learning concept to prepare technicians for the brand’s first car launch in Europe. Based on that concept, Aleido Learning has now developed a digital learning program for Lynk & Co’s technicians, aiming to ensure they have the proper knowledge and skills to service the cars.

Lynk & Co’s cars are designed and engineered in Sweden. As the core of the brand is connectivity, customers will find a range of connected technologies in the vehicles, all to make life easier and a bit more fun. Lynk & Co targets the young, urban, and sophisticated clientele with a new generation of automotive experiences and car-sharing options.


Lynk & Co needed to prepare technicians to service the cars effectively. Understanding the workshop environment, new tools, technical service and maintenance processes were all within the project scope. Aleido Learning delivered a fully digital learning program with practical, short, and highly engaging training made to fit a technician’s workday.

The training supports the technicians to focus on the unique aspects of Lynk & Co and is mandatory to become an authorized Lynk & Co technician.

We achieved great results with a delighted audience through these digital trainings.

Erik Baljeu, General Manager Aleido Learning


From the participants’ answers in the evaluation survey, the learning program scored a high average on overall impression and coverage of relevant information.

Aleido Learning will continue supporting Lynk & Co to ensure the learning remains effective and engaging through continuous evaluations and updates of the training material.

Our ambition is always to drive change and to create real learning impact to the business of our customers. Lynk & Co is a great partner and really paved the way for us to add value through their progressive, creative, and innovative approach. Together we have truly achieved great and measurable results!

Erik Baljeu, General Manager Aleido Learning


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Erik Baljeu Djurback

General Manager Aleido Learning