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Aleido’s own AI assistant

Staying up to date and learning new skills is a way for both companies and employees to remain successful. Aleido has now launched an internal AI assistant, which can improve efficiency and enhance skills development.

Imagine having a colleague that helps you stay organised and focused, freeing up time for more strategic thinking and creative problem-solving. That's exactly what the Aleido AI Assistant is designed to do.

By developing this technology, we're not only creating possibilities for efficiency but also learning about prompting – the art of crafting questions and tasks that get the most out of our AI-powered conversations. And as a bonus, we're gaining valuable insights into new technologies that can benefit our customers.”

Maria Nilsson, Project Manager at Aleido.

Some of the main functionalities for the Aleido AI Assistant is to chat and interact with an LLM, chose between different LLMs, upload documents and provide feedback on the output from the AI assistant. All in a safe environment where information is securely stored on-premises.

What Aleido AI assistant can be used for:

  • Summarize an input document and create a first draft
  • Explain something in a simpler way
  • Learn about a new topic such as Knowledge graph, digital battery passport
  • Get feedback on written text (grammar etc.)
  • Get proposals on easy to understand one-liners or titles
  • And much more…

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